Wednesday, July 31, 2002

7/30/02 7:54 pm at High School camp at NC

Where is the passion in my daily walk for worship? I feel like it has been slowly crushed by a thousand different obligations. How could I be so blind? Why has my desire to worship you Lord been buried so deep? As I open my eyes I see that I have put other gods before You.

I see a vision of a generaton laying down everything that would stand between themselves and God. We have been labeled as a consumer geneneration. But God is calling us to lay down those things that are being sold to us.

Fashion - image - music - movies - TV - food - sports - friends - boyfriends - girlfriends

I am watching a 15 year old boy standing with arms raised and tears streaming down his face, worshiping the Lord God Jehovah. The last thing on his mind is what someone else is thinking about him. He wants to be as close to God as he can. And he isnt the only one. The room is filled with high schoolers doing the same thing. Singing songs of worship to God.

As I watch and join in worship I cant help but weep. I am overcome with the longing to live my life beholden to none but God. To lay down all forms of slave or surf thinking. To live in freedom. It is amazing what happens as illussions come tumbling down. I will fight with everything that is in me to live free and to free others.